Peterson Faces Jail Time

APNFL star running back Adrian Peterson, of the Minnesota Vikings, turned himself in to Texas authorities Saturday morning for allegedly abusing his 4-year-old son. Peterson was later release by bail, however, he must still go on trial in possibly facing up to 2 years of prison plus a $1,000 fine.

The 4-year old had apparently been disobedient to his father, was whipped by Peterson with a switch. Peterson turned himself in to authorities, fair enough, but was it really child abuse in the first place?

People all over the world, come from different households, which have different rules, and also has different forms of discipline. Some people come from a home where parents ground their children and lock them in their rooms. Some people come from a home where parents “spank” their children, and some parents don’t discipline their children at all.

Unfortunately, for Adrian Peterson’s 4-year-old son, he comes from a home of “spankings”. Why him??? Because his father came from the same type of household. Texas Discipline Law states, “a person can be convicted of injury to a child if they are proven to have caused bodily or mental injury “intentionally, knowingly, recklessly or with criminal negligence” or causing such harm by omission.” Peterson had no intentions of harming his son that was just the way he was raised.

To some people, his form of discipline was too harsh for a 4-year-old, however, to others he was just teaching his son a lesson. The fact that Peterson turned himself in to authorities even though he had good morals behind it should not be looked pass. He is still willing to face any consequences as a means to make things right. What will be of Peterson and his career? Will Peterson go to jail? If He does, when he gets out will he still play for the NFL. That’s something we will have to wait and see.


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