Twitter Take Over


Follow Me On Twitter @…. You Can Follow Us On Twitter @… Tweet us @… Day by day twitter is expanding across the globe. According to Fortune 500 magazine 77 percent of businesses across the globe, both big and small, have active twitter accounts. This is 7 percent higher than Mark Zuckerberg’s, Facebook.

Well why twitter you ask. Why not just stick to Facebook or LinkedIn, why do business owners feel the need have a twitter. Well the reason is simple, it’s because YOU are on twitter. You’re on twitter, your friends are on twitter, your 10-year-old sister is on twitter, even your grandmother is on twitter for crying out loud!

We have all heard the phrase “Our Children are the Future”, and the children are on twitter. Tweeting about class, tweeting about their crush, tweeting about the new iPhone and business owners are watching. They are watching to see what they can work on to better their organization. They are watching to see how you like their new product.

Businesses use twitter to advertise their products and even give away discounts and other items to their followers or people who tweet them. They even use twitter to make decisions on whether or not to hire a new employee. Businesses use twitter to gain background information on applicants, because they wouldn’t want anyone working for them who give off bad vibes in social media.

Nonetheless, business owners realize that in order for them to be successful, they must learn to adapt. They know that they have to move with the young people, because they are the next level of buyers. Facebook was hot in the early 2,000s and still is today, but there is a new sheriff in town, and his name is Twitter.


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