The Parents Are Coming, The Parents Coming!

Parents coming

“Hey Johnny nice girls you got there!”… This what your grandmother commented under one your photos on Facebook. You didn’t originally post the photo on Facebook, you posted it on instagram and shared it too your Facebook. The only problem here is that your “grandmother” has a Facebook in the first place.

It’s been couple years since parents learned about Facebook, and day by day less and less youth even use Facebook to begin with. When you see one adult in your family send you a friend request in Facebook, you better believe that rest of you family is on the way.

I remember an older cousin of mines who about 30 years old at the time sent me my first family/friend request. Then shortly after her, some uncles and aunts sent requests. then about a month later, my mom sent a request. It was at that moment, I knew that Facebook was no longer the place for social media for someone my age. the reason why is because once your families on the site, now everyone has you under their microscope watching your every move.

I currently do not log on to Facebook account often, but I will send a photo there every once  and a while and this what I get. Comments from my grand mom.


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