It’s Here!


Ebola, one the world’s deadliest and fastest moving viruses, has now made it to America. 20 Days max is all it takes to conceive the virus and for it to kill you. Hundreds of thousands of people in Liberia and other countries in Africa have died from the virus and are constantly spreading the virus.

The two doctors from Liberia had been treated and taken care of immediately after landing in America, but what about the other 40+ people who were aboard the plane with them. Could some of them have conceived the virus then.

It takes a few days to show symptoms of the virus, but in those days the person with the virus could have given it to someone else. This is terrifying news but it is true news and America needs crack down on those coming from African countries with immediate check-ups and testing for those people immediately after their flight.

The last thing America needs right now is a deadly virus that can possibly wipe out over half the country just by people speaking to one another. A man from Nigeria just started showing symptoms of Ebola and is now being treated, but who has he been in contact with the past couple of days. Who have those people been in contact with those people the past couple of days, and so on and so forth. The world may never know.


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