ONE Mizzou!


For Decades we have strived for equality. We have been through many obstacles that should have stopped us from getting this far. We do not have laws any more that say we can’t go somewhere, we don’t have laws that won’t let us go to school, we do have friends from other backgrounds, but does this make us equal. Does that fact that I can stand in the same restroom as another race, go to the same class as another race, or drink from the same water fountain as another race make me equal to them in the eyes of society.

Here in Mizzou we try promote the slogan “ONE Mizzou, ” as a resemblance of equality on Mizzou’s campus. It’s a nice slogan, but does Mizzou hold up to that slogan? I think not. There are hundreds of Mizzou orgs on this campus, some that are diverse and many that cater to the needs of a certain race or ethnicity.

Never in Mizzou’s history has all of the organizations on campus come together for a single event. Mizzou recently had their “ONE Mizzou” week and fewer individuals showed up to those events than those that go to single race events.

People are so used to living in their comfort zones that they have made for themselves and rather not go to other race invites especially if they weren’t invited by anyone specifically. For example, Black Mizzou (Mizzou’s Black Population) has a totally separate homecoming from Mizzou itself. If that’s not enough to show how we are not ONE Mizzou like people try to portray us, then I don’t know what to tell you. Mizzou will need a lot more than just a slogan to get Mizzou to come together.


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