I Need Help and I Need It Now!

Have you ever needed directions to a building on Mizzou campus??? Has your cell phone ever died in the student center??? Have you ever needed to print out something before your next class but left your laptop at home??? Or have you just had any questions about the City of Columbia??? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then you know as a Mizzou student, you can count on the “Information Center” TO THE RESCUE!


This morning I had the privilege of interviewing one of the kindest young ladies I’ve met on this campus. Alaina Simpson, a junior here on Mizzou’s campus, is a union ambassador for Mizzou’s information Center. Alaina works 3 days a week but lucky for me she only works the opening shift on Wednesday. Although she has only been working there for three months I could tell she was passionate about her job. When I asked her why she enjoyed working at the information center she said, “I ENJOY HELPING PEOPLE, it’s my job. Just this morning I had a guy run to me, I’m talking heavy breathing who asked me, “Please Tell Me You Have A Calculator” So I did, and I made his day which made my day. So I checked the calculator out to him and now he’s on his way to take his exam.” Mizzou only hires kind hearted people for this position and I saw that in Alaina Simpson so If you need to charger your phone, or you need a laptop and it have any questions about Mizzou, don’t hesitate to the Information Center.



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