Can You Breathe?


Have you ever watched a wrestling match or an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Fight before? If so have you ever seen someone get pul in a chokehold? The person getting shocked would usually tap out and the match would be over correct? Well in Eric Garner’s situation, that was not the case. After being forced to the ground by four NYPD officers, Garner said that he could not breathe however they refused to listen and ended up killing him.
Like Mike Brown’s case, the office who killed Eric Garner was not indicted and did not serve any jail time. He currently still has a job and it’s still getting paid. There were violent protests but not like Mike Brown’s Decision.


People have been joining in with the slogans of the protests such as “hands up, don’t shoot” and “I Can’t Breathe.” Hopefully the protests will eventually lead to something however as of now we may as well go on with our daily lives.


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