“Musical Revue”

The MU Musical Revue was nothing short of impeccable under the direction of Chris Oliver. Unlike most musicals this was far from the usual. The difference was the fact that this Musical had no plot.

Now I know what you’re thinking. What type of musical or play or any form of theatre is this without a plot right? Well I’m here to tell you, if you didn’t go to the Musical Revue, you missed out.

The reason the Musical didn’t have a plot, was because it was made up of songs only. Not songs of the same mean, but many songs from different musicals with different plots and scenarios. From the time the musical starts until it ends, you are drawn in by each song, from some of the most nationally recognized musicals such as “Sweeney Todd” and “Chicago.” The songs tapped into all of the emotions of people, some made you laugh and I even saw an audience member sob a little.

Although the Musical had some great singing, and some great pieces that were performed, you can not forget that music is not music with out sound. Robin Anderson who played piano along with Derrick Enyard who played percussion played a vital role in the final product of the play. The way they both controlled the flow of the performances and was great. There couldn’t have been a better two to make the sounds of the pieces. The Musical was amazing form start to finish.


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