I Need Help and I Need It Now!

Have you ever needed directions to a building on Mizzou campus??? Has your cell phone ever died in the student center??? Have you ever needed to print out something before your next class but left your laptop at home??? Or have you just had any questions about the City of Columbia??? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then you know as a Mizzou student, you can count on the “Information Center” TO THE RESCUE!


This morning I had the privilege of interviewing one of the kindest young ladies I’ve met on this campus. Alaina Simpson, a junior here on Mizzou’s campus, is a union ambassador for Mizzou’s information Center. Alaina works 3 days a week but lucky for me she only works the opening shift on Wednesday. Although she has only been working there for three months I could tell she was passionate about her job. When I asked her why she enjoyed working at the information center she said, “I ENJOY HELPING PEOPLE, it’s my job. Just this morning I had a guy run to me, I’m talking heavy breathing who asked me, “Please Tell Me You Have A Calculator” So I did, and I made his day which made my day. So I checked the calculator out to him and now he’s on his way to take his exam.” Mizzou only hires kind hearted people for this position and I saw that in Alaina Simpson so If you need to charger your phone, or you need a laptop and it have any questions about Mizzou, don’t hesitate to the Information Center.



ONE Mizzou!


For Decades we have strived for equality. We have been through many obstacles that should have stopped us from getting this far. We do not have laws any more that say we can’t go somewhere, we don’t have laws that won’t let us go to school, we do have friends from other backgrounds, but does this make us equal. Does that fact that I can stand in the same restroom as another race, go to the same class as another race, or drink from the same water fountain as another race make me equal to them in the eyes of society.

Here in Mizzou we try promote the slogan “ONE Mizzou, ” as a resemblance of equality on Mizzou’s campus. It’s a nice slogan, but does Mizzou hold up to that slogan? I think not. There are hundreds of Mizzou orgs on this campus, some that are diverse and many that cater to the needs of a certain race or ethnicity.

Never in Mizzou’s history has all of the organizations on campus come together for a single event. Mizzou recently had their “ONE Mizzou” week and fewer individuals showed up to those events than those that go to single race events.

People are so used to living in their comfort zones that they have made for themselves and rather not go to other race invites especially if they weren’t invited by anyone specifically. For example, Black Mizzou (Mizzou’s Black Population) has a totally separate homecoming from Mizzou itself. If that’s not enough to show how we are not ONE Mizzou like people try to portray us, then I don’t know what to tell you. Mizzou will need a lot more than just a slogan to get Mizzou to come together.


It’s Here!


Ebola, one the world’s deadliest and fastest moving viruses, has now made it to America. 20 Days max is all it takes to conceive the virus and for it to kill you. Hundreds of thousands of people in Liberia and other countries in Africa have died from the virus and are constantly spreading the virus.

The two doctors from Liberia had been treated and taken care of immediately after landing in America, but what about the other 40+ people who were aboard the plane with them. Could some of them have conceived the virus then.

It takes a few days to show symptoms of the virus, but in those days the person with the virus could have given it to someone else. This is terrifying news but it is true news and America needs crack down on those coming from African countries with immediate check-ups and testing for those people immediately after their flight.

The last thing America needs right now is a deadly virus that can possibly wipe out over half the country just by people speaking to one another. A man from Nigeria just started showing symptoms of Ebola and is now being treated, but who has he been in contact with the past couple of days. Who have those people been in contact with those people the past couple of days, and so on and so forth. The world may never know.


The Parents Are Coming, The Parents Coming!

Parents coming

“Hey Johnny nice girls you got there!”… This what your grandmother commented under one your photos on Facebook. You didn’t originally post the photo on Facebook, you posted it on instagram and shared it too your Facebook. The only problem here is that your “grandmother” has a Facebook in the first place.

It’s been couple years since parents learned about Facebook, and day by day less and less youth even use Facebook to begin with. When you see one adult in your family send you a friend request in Facebook, you better believe that rest of you family is on the way.

I remember an older cousin of mines who about 30 years old at the time sent me my first family/friend request. Then shortly after her, some uncles and aunts sent requests. then about a month later, my mom sent a request. It was at that moment, I knew that Facebook was no longer the place for social media for someone my age. the reason why is because once your families on the site, now everyone has you under their microscope watching your every move.

I currently do not log on to Facebook account often, but I will send a photo there every once  and a while and this what I get. Comments from my grand mom.


Twitter Take Over


Follow Me On Twitter @…. You Can Follow Us On Twitter @… Tweet us @… Day by day twitter is expanding across the globe. According to Fortune 500 magazine 77 percent of businesses across the globe, both big and small, have active twitter accounts. This is 7 percent higher than Mark Zuckerberg’s, Facebook.

Well why twitter you ask. Why not just stick to Facebook or LinkedIn, why do business owners feel the need have a twitter. Well the reason is simple, it’s because YOU are on twitter. You’re on twitter, your friends are on twitter, your 10-year-old sister is on twitter, even your grandmother is on twitter for crying out loud!

We have all heard the phrase “Our Children are the Future”, and the children are on twitter. Tweeting about class, tweeting about their crush, tweeting about the new iPhone and business owners are watching. They are watching to see what they can work on to better their organization. They are watching to see how you like their new product.

Businesses use twitter to advertise their products and even give away discounts and other items to their followers or people who tweet them. They even use twitter to make decisions on whether or not to hire a new employee. Businesses use twitter to gain background information on applicants, because they wouldn’t want anyone working for them who give off bad vibes in social media.

Nonetheless, business owners realize that in order for them to be successful, they must learn to adapt. They know that they have to move with the young people, because they are the next level of buyers. Facebook was hot in the early 2,000s and still is today, but there is a new sheriff in town, and his name is Twitter.


Peterson Faces Jail Time

APNFL star running back Adrian Peterson, of the Minnesota Vikings, turned himself in to Texas authorities Saturday morning for allegedly abusing his 4-year-old son. Peterson was later release by bail, however, he must still go on trial in possibly facing up to 2 years of prison plus a $1,000 fine.

The 4-year old had apparently been disobedient to his father, was whipped by Peterson with a switch. Peterson turned himself in to authorities, fair enough, but was it really child abuse in the first place?

People all over the world, come from different households, which have different rules, and also has different forms of discipline. Some people come from a home where parents ground their children and lock them in their rooms. Some people come from a home where parents “spank” their children, and some parents don’t discipline their children at all.

Unfortunately, for Adrian Peterson’s 4-year-old son, he comes from a home of “spankings”. Why him??? Because his father came from the same type of household. Texas Discipline Law states, “a person can be convicted of injury to a child if they are proven to have caused bodily or mental injury “intentionally, knowingly, recklessly or with criminal negligence” or causing such harm by omission.” Peterson had no intentions of harming his son that was just the way he was raised.

To some people, his form of discipline was too harsh for a 4-year-old, however, to others he was just teaching his son a lesson. The fact that Peterson turned himself in to authorities even though he had good morals behind it should not be looked pass. He is still willing to face any consequences as a means to make things right. What will be of Peterson and his career? Will Peterson go to jail? If He does, when he gets out will he still play for the NFL. That’s something we will have to wait and see.


No More Sam

Michael Sam

“I’m a college graduate, I’m an African American, and I’m Gay.” Former Mizzou Football sensation, Michael Sam, revealed his secret to the world on Feb. 9th, just weeks before the NFL Draft. He is the first “openly gay” football player in the National Football League.

Sam who was highly scouted by NFL teams before his announcement was highly disappointed when he was later drafted in the 7th round of the draft by the St. Louis Rams. Some say it was because he’s gay, some said he really wasn’t that great of a player to begin with. However, Sam was now apart of the NFL and now he just has to show everybody that he is good at what he does.

After going through training camp and long days of practice with the team Sam was recently cut last week from the St. Louis Rams roster. The decision went viral and everybody knew the only gay football player in history was cut from the team. Although, the decision may have been a fair decision, the rest will view it as a homophobic decision. The media shows it as Michael Sam being cut from the team because he was gay, but in reality Sam just didn’t fit into the Rams system. The Rams are rated by ESPN as having one of the best defensive lines in the NFL, and Sam just doesn’t fit up to the expectations of the Rams Coaches.

Michael Sam had three sacks in the preseason, but in actuality three sacks against another teams second and third string over the course of three games was not very impressive.

But was Sam really that bad? Did he really not fit in with the Rams defense? Did the fact that he is gay have an affect on their decision? Were they tired of the publicity? Were they just homophobic? These are questions that we can only assume what the answers are.

Although, Sam is a gay man, at the end of the day he is still a man, and he is still a football player, which means he will be treated as such. People get cut from teams every day it just so happens that this football play is the only gay player in the league.

Nonetheless, Sam did not let this obstacle stop him. He is continuing to play football and has been signed to the Dallas Cowboys and has currently made their practice squad. This isn’t the first and surely won’t be the last thing we’ll see happen to Michael Sam over the course of his football career, but as long as he keeps pushing forward, his hard work will eventually pay off.